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Welcome To StockTechniques

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Stock Techniques - Share Market Class and Investment Firm in Pune 

Stock Techniques is a firm specializing in providing recommendations to its customers in Indian Financial market, Equity market, Derivative Market, Commodity, Currency Market and Share markets based on Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. We also Provide practical training like Intraday Trading, Positional trading, short term investment, long term investment and trading in Futures and Options. We provide proper knowledge about how to work in Indian share market as it has divided in two parts like primary market and secondary market. Primary market, where company issues their shares to public to raise long term capital through IPO. Secondary Market, where buyer and seller buying and selling shares/securities through exchange BSE and NSE. Fundamental study is very important for company research or selection of company where could invest our hardworking money. While working in share market technical analysis is very important to identify exact entry point and exit point. The company started in 2017 and aims at providing premium tips to its clients with a high accuracy and minimal risk. In the commodity market we provide tips for bullion metals, base metals, energy in MCX and agree commodities in NCDEX.

Why to do Share market?


  • Now a day’s importance of stock or securities market is increasing, the most basic reason for this is we Indians to put feet into financial market, we are a developing country, we have so much to prove and opportunity to earn money from Indian share market. It comes as an opportunity being a developing nation for us side by side developing Financial market also. As a developing country day by day, Indian share market which could create thousands of opportunities for us to grow through stock market. For any developed country it really becomes difficult to rise up the financial market value as already they have performed a lot. We see most of us invest our money in gold or deposited in bank but no one really thinks about how much returns received, instead of investing in banks, invest in stock, securities, bonds debentures, mutual funds and equity shares to earn good returns from financial market. As much you get returns from the bank on your savings, for sure you would get more than that from share market.


  • Stock market is a plate form where you can earn multiple returns on your investments in small period. In this fast growing world we need to be financially secured in no time, everyone has dream, someone has dream to own a luxurious house, someone has dream to own a luxurious car, someone has to save money for his/her daughters marriage, someone needs money for quality education, all this can be achieved without fear through stock market only. It gives you opportunity to make your dreams come true.


  • It’s not something that you have to focus all time, you can consider trading or investing in share market, as your secondary income source which could give you money more than your primary one for sure.


  • As per statistical report only 6-7% of people are trading and investing in share market, we certainly have golden opportunity to be rooted in this money-making zone and turn our dreams into reality with the help of share market.


What is the best way to earn money?


  • This answer may change your life or may change the way you think about earning money.


  • Investing in share market to earn multiple return from your invested amount is the best way to earn money. In today’s fast-growing world money plays a very important role in stabilizing the life. You could live a favorable life with a well settled job but it you want to live a standard and modern life and raise your aura you must think beyond your through limits, something out of the box. To get such life stock market is the only way.


Reasons to do share market: -


  • Get started with cheaper amount, no need to collect large amount of capital.

  • You can gradually, steadily make your money and set your dreams with knots of money. You don’t need to know any rocket science to earn money through trading and how to investing in share market.


  • You need to be enough intellectual to perform trading. In small span of the period trading gives you opportunity to earn multiple returns on your investment. Trading is the simplest way to move your dreams come true.



Why share market is Important?


  • Share market plays a vital role in aiding the companies to raise long term capital for expansion and growth. Through IPOs, companies issue shares to the public and in turn receive funds that are used for various purposes. IPO is a very big part of primary market.


  • The company gets listed on the stock exchange after IPO and this provides an opportunity to even a common man to invest in the company. The visibility of the company increases as well. You can be a trader or investor in the share market. Traders hold shares for a short period of time whereas investors hold shares for a longer duration. As per your financial needs, you can choose the investment option.

Financial Services

Why Us ?


The major reason our coaching programs and products have received so much attention over the past years is that our students and we are succeeding in this stock market irrespective of its mayhem. And that is because our students have learnt how to avoid.

   Our Features ?

  • Methodical Teaching

  • All About Teaching You To Invest

  • Tips And Secrets

  • Flexible Class Timings

  • 24/7 Support

Specialized Share Market Programs


We strategically designed a specialized programs that is aimed marking participants proficient in all subjects of trading including Technical Analysis, Stock Market Trading Operations & Management, Commodity market, Practical Arbitrage and forex Market.

1) 100% practical training

2) Live Trading Session

3) Free Demo Session

4) Free lifetime Learning Support after Course

5) Course Completion Certificate









Mr Ritesh Hanchate

Ritesh is one of our most promising leader and Technical expert with over 7 years of experience in dealing with Stock Exchange. He helps students to learn how to trade and how you can apply your technical knowledge in trading.



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